Mining Support

Dr. Sauer & Partners delivers innovative design solutions and on-site construction support services to the global mining industry. 

Access tunnels, shafts, ventilation adits, mucking routes, underground welfare facilities, and other mine support structures are often constructed through difficult ground conditions.

Dr. Sauer & Partners has a proven record of delivering mining projects around the world. We specialise in the design of complex underground structures and have comprehensive know-how and understanding of the discipline.

Benefits of the NATM/SCL/SEM approach in Mining Projects 

  • one of the most adaptable and responsive excavation and support methods available globally
  • high degree of flexibility during construction
  • virtually all types of ground conditions can be controlled
  • the exposed excavation approach allows adaptability to unforeseen circumstances in geological and hydrological conditions
  • a flexible response to cross-sectional changes and the rapid mobilisation of excavation equipment is enabled


  • ground conditions, from soft soils to hard rock, including squeezing or swelling ground
  • modelling complex  3D geometries in heterogenous ground conditions
  • ground behaviour, which, based on soil strata or rock jointing, determines excavation and support techniques


  • material and equipment choices, their strengths and limitations
  • construction safety, processes, methods, and site logistics
  • designing efficient, durable linings