Ground Engineering

Dr. Sauer & Partners delivers experienced interpretation of geotechnical data for ground engineering.

Through accurate interpretation of geotechnical data, complicated geology can be accurately analysed and areas requiring additional investigation are identified. Geotechnical risk mapping is provided which increases the accuracy for geological predictions of excavations. Probing can be reduced and more efficient SCL design delivered.


  • Review/Interpretation of existing data (raw data, reports, maps)
  • Conceptual models
  • Assessment of geotechnical parameters (Geological, Hydrological, Engineering)
  • Geotechnical risk assessment and risk mapping
  • Numerical models (3D Finite element analysis) 
  • 3D geological models updated when new information is available
  • Settlement assessment
  • Slope stability assessments and remediation design
  • Retaining wall and shaft design (sheet piles, diaphragm walls, secant piles, jet-grout walls, sprayed concrete shafts)