High Speed 2 Lots C2 & C3

High Speed 2 Ltd. (HS2)
Robert Bird Group (RBG) for Eiffage Kier Ferrovial BAM JV (EKFB)
£1.34 billion GBP
October 2020 — July 2024
Services performed
Geotechnical engineering / design of temporary works such as roads, cuttings, embankments, and bridges 
HS2's Contracts C2 & C3 cover the 80 km long section in the central area between London and Birmingham, between the north portal of the Chiltern Tunnels and the south portal of the Long Itchington Wood Green Tunnel. This is a primarily rural area, and the engineering challenges include embankments, cuttings, viaducts, and cut-and-cover tunnels. The temporary works required for the construction of the high-speed railway line include compounds, haul roads, road diversions, utility crossings, embankments, cuttings, bridges, working and crane platforms, and more.
Made ground generally overlying a variable sequence of sands, sand and gravel and firm clays, generally overlying extremely weak to medium strong mudstone, siltstone, and limestone.
England, UK


  • Deriving geotechnical parameters from ground investigation (GI), and specifying GI and field testing
  • Slope stability assessments and designing slope stabilisation measures
  • Foundation design (E.g. bored piles, sheet piles, reinforced earthworks)

Visualisation of HS2 Lot C2 & C3 (Source EKFB JV)

Slope stability assessment and design of reinforced earthworks

Slope stability assessment and design of reinforced earthworks