Bank Station Capacity Upgrade - Building Impact Assessment

London Underground
Dragados S.A.
£564 million GBP
August 2013 — October 2022
Services performed
Ground movement impact assessment on building foundations using three dimensional finite element analysis.
Bank Station is an underground station located in the City of London financial district, and is a key interchange served by five lines. The Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project comprises the construction of new tunnels adjacent to and connecting with the existing tunnels, also intercepting with six end bearing piles (1.8m shaft dia., 4.7m bell dia.) of Princes Court builiding and one friction pile (900mm dia.) of New Court building. A staged, risk-based approach was used to efficiently assess the affected existing buildings with deep foundations to determine an appropriate mitigation and monitoring scheme. Empirical methods and complex numerical models were used at different stages of the assessment to understand the risk to the existing buildings and how they could best be managed. Additionally, for Princes Court a load transfer structure was designed to future proof the building for two additional stories to the top of the building with assured reuse of existing piles to limit carbon footprint of future redevelopment of the building.
London Clay Formation overlain by Quaternary superficial deposits comprising River Terrace Deposits which are generally overlain by Made Ground.
London, UK


  • Ground movement impact on combined raft & piles building foundations for tunnel construction
  • Load transfer structure design enables reuse of existing piles for future development
  • Collaborative risk management approach (2019 Fleming Award Winner)

Example New Court building (source

Example structures considered in the three-dimensional finite element analysis