Bank Station Capacity Upgrade - Defects Survey

London Underground
Dragados S.A.
£563.8 million GBP
August 2013 — ongoing
Services performed
Defects surveys of the London Underground existing facilities predicted to settle 1 mm or more due to the planned station upgrade works.
Bank Station is a London Underground station located in the City of London financial district. It is a key interchange served by five existing lines. The Bank Station Capacity Upgrade (BSCU) comprises the construction of new tunnels adjacent to and connecting with the existing tunnels. Defects surveys of the LU existing facilities predicted to be impacted by the BSCU works had to be carried out before construction started. All existing facilities expected to be within the 1 mm settlement contour were inspected for defects.
The geology comprises London Clay formation overlain by Quaternary superficial deposits and made ground.
London, GB


  • Detailed surveys of defects before construction start
  • Creation of a defects database
  • Conservation of evidence

Defects survey in the existing running tunnel

Defects survey on the existing station platform