Brenner Base Tunnel - Lot H51 Pfons-Brenner

BeMo, Implenia, Metrostav and Pizzarotti
€1.3 billion EUR
December 2016 — April 2017
Services performed
Dr. Sauer & Partners provided tender support services.
The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is a 64km long railway tunnel connecting Austria and Italy. Once completed, it will be the world's longest rail link underground. In addition to the two main tubes, the project comprises a complex set up of exploration adits, crosscuts, emergency stops and additional access tunnels, excavated by TBM and SCL methods. Dr. Sauer & Partners provided tender support services for the 18km lot H51 Pfons-Brenner and was responsible for creating the bid documents as well as conducting QA/QC services. The documents covered issues such as TBM choice, annular gap filling, reuse of excavated rock, rail delivery of construction materials, construction logistics and pre-excavation grouting.
Located within the Alps, the geology comprises phyllite, schist, marble and gneiss including main fault zones as well as major water ingress sections combined with a maximum overburden of 1300m.
Salzburg, Austria


  • Tender support for one of the most ambitious projects at present
  • Proactive coordination and integration of experts
  • Comprehensive QA/QC for e.g. TBM and SCL methods
BBT alignment (courtesy of BBT SE)

BBT alignment (courtesy of BBT SE)

Lot H51 alignment (courtesy of BBT SE)

Lot H51 alignment (courtesy of BBT SE)