Crossrail 2

Transport for London (TfL)
£30 billion GBP
January 2015 — November 2016
Services performed
Provide SCL project services, supporting main tunnel-stations-alignment workstreams, design of tunnel cross sections, SCL design principles, geotechnical review and risk assessment.
Crossrail 2 is a proposed new rail infrastructure project, aiming to alleviate further crowding and congestion across London. The proposed central route will provide a link between Wimbledon in the South and New Southgate and Tottenham Hale in the North with a provision for an Eastern branch towards Hackney Central. It will provide interchange with multiple London underground, London Overground, Crossrail 1, national and international rail services. It is expected to increase significantly the capacity of the regional rail network and reduce the journey times supporting the population growth of the City of London.
The geology is expected to be highly variable crossing most of the typical units of the London basin - river terrace deposits, London Clay, Lambeth Group, Thanet Sand.
London, UK


  • Keep carbon emissions to the lowest possible levels
  • Reducing the movements of lorries in the city centre through the implementation of an underground muck-away system
Proposed route according to public consultation autumn 2015

Proposed route according to public consultation autumn 2015

Crossrail 2 in numbers (

Crossrail 2 in numbers (