Finsbury Park Temporary Works CAT3 Check

Network Rail [NR]
OTB Engineering for contractor Barhale
July 2021 — December 2022
Services performed
Independent Category 3 design check.
Network Rail requires the provision of two new passenger lifts at Finsbury Park railway station to serve platforms 3/4 and 7/8. This is to provide step-free access to the entire railway station. Two square shafts are constructed from platform level down to the level of an existing passenger tunnel at which level a lift lobby is required for each shaft. The temporary shaft works comprise trench sheets supported by steel beams for the upper section and timber headings supported by temporary steel beams for the lower section of the shaft and the lift lobby.
Made ground of the existing railway embankment comprising of granular material for the top 2 m, and predominantly soft cohesive material (i.e., reworked London Clay) below.
London, UK


  • Construction in relatively heterogeneous made ground only
  • Proximity to operational railway
  • Timber headings at the shaft to lobby connections

Extraction from a temporary works design drawing: Longitudinal section through lift shaft and lobby

Lift shaft and lobby temporary works