Kicking Horse Canyon Project – Phase 4

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Kicking Horse Canyon Constructors [Aecon, Parsons Corporation, Emil Anderson Construction]
$440 million CAD
October 2020 — ongoing
Services performed
Avalanche assessment (Engineer of Record) for 2.9 miles of highway including four bridge structures and rock catchment ditches. Provided structural engineers with design input values.
Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project lies between the previously-completed Phase 3 West (Golden Hill to West Portal) and Phase 1 (Yoho Bridge) sections. The project will upgrade approximately 2.9 miles of highway through the most challenging section of the canyon to improve safety. Part of the project scope is to mitigate rock fall and avalanche hazards with bridges, rock catchment ditches and other measures. Further, wildlife exclusion fencing and wildlife passage opportunities were added to reduce vehicle-animal collisions.
Limestone, slate, dolomite.
British Columbia, Canada


  • Avalanche Impact assessment of bridge structures.
  • Advanced modelling of different types of avalanches.
  • Interpretation of long-term weather data.

Avalanche Impact - Dymanic Pressures

Bridge Girder Placement (