Leesburg Inter-Quarry Tunnel - Design

Luck Stone Corporation
Luck Stone Corporation
$13 million USD
April 2017 — June 2018
Services performed
Conceptual design with various tunnel options. Final tunnel design consisting of drawings, specifications, and calculations. Client support during bid phase.
Luck Stone Corporation (LSC) planned to open a new quarry on the Western side of Goose Creek river, a component of the Virginia Scenic Rivers System. A tunnel was envisioned to connect the new Western quarry with the existing South-Eastern one below the river. The rock cover between the tunnel and the river was approximately 50 feet. The tunnel is 1275 feet long with a diameter of 45 feet. It is designed to accommodate large scale mining trucks as well as a conveyor belt for material transport which
is scheduled to be installed in the future.
Located within the Culpeper Basin, a sedimentary rock formation characterized to be of Lower Mesozoic Age. The existing Luck Stone quarry is situated in a Diabase intrusion (dyke) of this sedimentary rock.
Ashburn, Virginia, USA


  • Sequential excavation sequence for south-east portal as tunnel entered the highwall at approx. 45 egree angle
  • Tunnel crossing below goose creek with potential encouter of adverse geologic conditions
  • Long bench excavation rounds

South-East portal excavation sequence

South-East portal excavation