Metro M2 Line, Tel Aviv

NTA - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd.
$150 billion USD (all three metro lines)
July 2020 — September 2032
Services performed
Preliminary Design Services for all underground tunnels – TBM running tunnels, NATM cross passages, mined stations and crossovers.
The East-West Metro M2 Line will link Yafo with Rosh Ha’ayin, operating along a 26km alignment and serving 22 stations – nine of them are planned as mined (NATM) stations and 12 as Cut & Cover stations. The project includes preliminary design of all mined stations, crossovers, connection tunnels, security tunnel and Holon terminus using 3D models in Revit. Additionally, Dr. Sauer & Partners will provide the design of twin 6.5m inner diameter TBM tunnels and zone of influence.
The geology consists of clastic sediments mostly sand, silt, red soil (Hamra) and calcareous sandstone (Kurkar) which are all part of the Kurkar group. The water table is high especially in close proximity to the coastline.
Tel Aviv, Israel


  • First metro in Israel.
  • Excavations under dense urban area including tunneling under Ayalon highway and railways.
  • Limited set-up areas at ground surface - construction and excavation of mined stations through headhouse shafts.

Metro Lines Map - M2 shown in blue

3D Model of Habima Station