Site Supervision & Construction Management

Dr. Sauer & Partners  has helped to complete many successful tunnel projects around the world. Services range from periodic site visits to  complete construction management services which deliver a project for the client. 

Dr. Sauer & Partners provides construction management and inspection services to complement design and consulting work with experienced field supervision. The services offered by Dr. Sauer & Partners range from periodic site visits by experienced individuals to document a project’s progress, to fully developed construction management services which deliver a complete project for the client. The company also provides inspection teams, which take over quality assurance and quality control to support client, construction management and insurance companies.

Site Supervision Team

Dr. Sauer & Partners is able to provide geologists and monitoring engineers, offering their services either individually or as part of a construction management or inspection team. Waterproofing inspectors familiar with the installation of flexible membrane systems are an additional speciality of the company. As part of its field work, Dr. Sauer & Partners has supported clients that are not necessarily tunnelling specialists with the right personnel at the right level - enabling these companies to win and successfully complete tunnelling projects.

The company's inspection staff is drawn from a pool of individuals with practical experience gained during long-term project work with tunnelling contractors. Our experienced staff have a profound understanding of tunnelling methods and construction staging, as well as the importance of reporting and site documentation.