Manara Pumped Storage Plant, North Israel

Ellomay Pump Storage LTD.
Electra Infrastructure
$450 million USD
July 2021 — December 2026
Services performed
Dr. Sauer & Partners will deliver detailed design of all portals, tunnels, caverns and powerhouse. Additionally, superior supervision will be provided.
The Manara Cliff project is a pumped storage power plant generating renewable energy based on hydropower with a capacity of 220MW. It will be capable of generating electric energy on demand. The pumped storage plant will be a hydro-storage system comprising upper and lower water reservoirs, connected by an underground water pressure pipe: during low demand - pumping water from the lower reservoir for energy storage, and during peak demand - releasing water from the upper reservoir for energy production. The plant will be based on water reservoirs built on agricultural land. The upper water reservoir will be located near Kibbutz Manara and the lower water reservoir will be based on an existing reservoir near Kiryat-Shmona.
The geology is diverse and comprises clay and marl, sandstone, limestone, and dolomite with different levels of strength and weathering conditions. The project crosses a series of faults of the Dead Sea Transform System located near Qiryat Shemona Shear Zone.
Manara, Israel


  • Highest pumped storage reservoir in Israel with 650m deep high pressure shaft
  • Construction in squeezing ground conditions & across fault zones
  • Tunnelling under water, soft ground sections with low cover and high water pressures

3D Visualisation of the Designed Tunnels

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