Dr. G. Sauer & Partners in Canada delivers Engineering Support to Mobilinx

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Over the past few months, The Dr. G. Sauer & Partners team in Canada has been providing engineering support to Mobilinx for the crossing of three live rail tracks at Port Credit in Mississauga.

A ground stabilisation and controlled excavation design using a grouting campaign and shotcrete was designed by Dr. Sauer & Partners to push a large prefabricated concrete box using a Petrucco jacking and track support system underneath the live train tracks. This was executed with a great display of collaboration on site between the main contractor (Mobilinx a JV of WeBuild, BOT and Amico), several subcontractors (Petrucco, HCM) and Dr. Sauer & Partners' site representative.

Earlier this month, the final critical excavation steps were taken and the achievements of the full team celebrated with a pizza lunch! MD in Canada, Gerald Skalla visited the site with Support Design Engineer Ms Laura Kaponing, where they were shown the light at the end of the tunnel by Dr. Sauer & Partners' Site and Senior Tunnel Engineer, Elmar Feigl.

Completed Push Box

From left to right: Elmar Feigl, Laura Kaponig and Gerald Skalla