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An update from the 401 Crossing - Tunnel 2 Breakthrough Completed

Sunday 15th November 2020 marked the next major milestone for the project, breakthrough of Tunnel 2 was executed and with this the most difficult and challenging part of excavation for the project completed. Congratulations to all of the project team on this momentous occasion.

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Update from Chinatown Station

The construction of Chinatown Station is underway following the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM). The SEM structures are being constructed in bedrock of the Franciscan Complex (sandstone, shale and melange) and the Colma Formation (dense sand with interbedded stiff clay).

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Chinatown Station Tunnelling Works in San Francisco

Construction works for San Francisco’s Central Subway Project to create a modern light rail line has been under way since 2013. Dr. Sauer & Partners forms part of the SEM (Sequential Excavation Method) construction works for the Chinatown station which started in May this year.

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