Chinatown Station Wins ITA Tunnelling Project of the Year 2020 (€50m - €500m)

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

After successful past events in Switzerland, Singapore, France, China and the US, the 2020 ITA Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards took place virtually. The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association’s Project of the Year Award 2020 (€50m - €500m) went to the Frontier-Kemper and Tutor Perini project teams for delivering Chinatown Station of the Central Subway Program in San Francisco.

We are delighted to join in the success of this project with Dr. Sauer & Partners team of Juergen Laubbichler, Thomas Schwind and Christian Karner having provided conceptual, preliminary, detailed design of the underground caverns, egress tunnels and mined shafts, with Michael Orsario and Wolfgang Pichler providing onsite support during construction. Significantly, the project involved tunnelling in a very dense urban environment with large caverns being constructed in rock and soft ground. 

In the current climate it is important to celebrate industry success stories, awards such as these are an important part of that.  Juergen Laubbichler, Managing Director and Project Manager, commented: “We are delighted that the Chinatown project and the hard work by all has been acknowledged by the ITA and that it has won this award – congratulations to everyone involved!”