Dr. Sauer & Partners joins the team for the French Hill Tunnels project, Jerusalem

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

More news from Dr. Sauer & Partners in Israel – we are delighted to be working for Electra Infrastructure who have won the tender to build the major infrastructure works and tunnels for Jerusalem’s French Hill Tunnels highway. We will be providing detailed design of excavation and support for the primary lining of the tunnels.

The most important project in North Jerusalem includes the construction of four tunnels in total, which will be built running a distance of 3.5km. The project will allow traffic to travel along Road 1 from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea and towards Northern Jerusalem. Once the project completes, traffic will be able to flow freely on Israeli most important Road 1, without the requirement for traffic lights. The project aims to ease the congestion for residents in and around North Jerusalem travelling into the city.

Petr Salak, Managing Director of Dr. Sauer & Partners in Israel commented: “The Dr.  Sauer & Partners team in Israel is very happy to be involved in this exciting and challenging project which will improve the congestion issues in North Jerusalem we experience today. We look forward to starting work on the project for Electra Infrastructure.”

Busy Junction between Road 60 and Road 1

Light Rail Train crossing the tunnel alignment