Dr. Sauer & Partners' Laurence Chaplin gives tunnel expertise to Uniclass Jul 2022 Update

Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Dr. Sauer & Partners' Head of BIM/CAD, Laurence Chaplin has provided tunnelling expertise in the latest quarterly update for Uniclass. 

Changes this quarter have been made to nine tables, predominantly for the addition of new classifications and corrections to existing classifications. Changes are as a rule kept to a minimum, however feedback from users is always taken into account. Any changes are the result of this input, combined with the ongoing review by Uniclass. In this quarter's update Uniclass worked with Laurence Chaplin of Dr. Sauer & Partners and National Highways to add new codes for the excavation, construction and management of tunnels. These are included in the ‘Entities’, ‘Activities’, ‘Elements/ functions’, ‘Systems’ and ‘Products’ tables.

About Uniclass: Uniclass is a unified classification system made up of a set of tables that can be used by different parts of the industry in various ways. For example designers and constructors can use Uniclass codes to structure specifications and manage project information. The codes are used in more than 100 countries with more than half of all BIM projects now using Uniclass as their primary classification system. 

Further information and details of the updates can be found on the Uniclass website.